Water Soluble CBD Drops

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Nano emulsified hemp extract is specially formulated to be added to any beverage. Unlike typical CBD oil tinctures, water soluble CBD dissolves into your beverage (rather than floating on top) and absorbs into the body much faster than regular oil. Typically, in about 10 minutes! It's great for those who don’t want CBD oil tinctures under their tongue! Nano emulsions have been used for many years in industries such as pharmaceutics and cosmetics.
  • 600mg Broad Spectrum CBD/Bottle (zero THC)
  • 3mg CBD/Drop
  • 10ml Accu-Drop Bottle
  • 200-225 drops/10ml bottle
  • MSRP $29-$39
  • Custom strengths available
  • Placing drops under the tongue is not recommended

Suggested Use: Start slow if you haven't tried CBD previously. We recommend trying 1-3 DROPS at night for your first time. Mix drops with 1 ounce or more of water, juice, etc. and drink. May be used once or multiple times per day. Use daily for best results. Individual results will vary.

Ingredients: Nano Emulsified Broad Spectrum Hemp Distillate, Distilled Water.