Do you provide product photography?

A product photographer can be hired as part of your website development package or independently. If you need product photos for your website, we can help you get the type of images you are looking for.

Do you write product descriptions and website content?

We write a lot of our own content, but hire creators familiar with hemp to help with product descriptions and to generate content for new websites. We can work with you to find the best solution to your needs.

Will you build my CBD website for me?

Certainly! This is one of the services we offer. Shopify templates are preferred, but we are experienced with WooCommerce (WP). We can also connect you to reliable credit card processors.

Is shipping included with your S.A.M. program?

No, because your customer will have already paid for postage through your website checkout. When you are connected to our system, we are notified of your sales and print the postage label for your package.

Why are your prices lower than others?

We were very fortunate to find a reliable and honest supplier of raw materials and finished products early on. As prices have come down in the industry, they have passed the savings down to us and we pass it along to you.

Are your CBD products made in the USA?

100%. Everything is made in the USA with organically grown American hemp.

Are your CBD products legal?

Yes. All of our products are tested to insure their THC percentage is always less than the legal threshold of .3%.

Do I get a CoA (certificate of authority) with my order?

Yes. We test our products at specialized US labs to insure the CBD content is what we say it is and give you a copy of the CoA for your records. Should you need a CoA with your own company name on it (often a credit card processor request), we will help you take care of it.

Who prints your labels?

We’ve tried several print companies and have found Sticker Mule to be our favorite. It’s very easy to check prices for any size label, minimum label order is as low as 50, which is convenient, print quality is consistent and delivery is always on time or early. They also have an amazing hot sauce that comes free with some orders!

Do I own the labels you have designed for me?

Yes. Once designed they are all yours. We even give you an editable version of the file.

How long will my order take?

Ultimately, it depends on the product as many are made when ordered. This is not Amazon and there are few companies with warehouses full of products ready to ship tomorrow. If you find one, their minimum order may surprise you. Hemp/CBD is a young, fast, evolving industry. And as demand continues to rise, inventory flows in and out quickly. 

We have many products available at any given time and can often deliver within a week. However, a wait time of 2-3 weeks is not uncommon. Items like pet treats and gummies in particular take time to cure (dry) once made. Our method is to adjust inventory in anticipation of your reorder. This way, your next order will likely be ready-to-go.

We will always be transparent about your expected wait time as we have had our own share of bad experiences in this area. Like paying for orders that were supposed to take 2-3 weeks, but took months with little or no warning or getting a different product than we paid for. Not fun. If, in the rare occasion something is going to cause a delay - supply chain issue, machine breakdown, postal errors - you will be made aware of it.